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CB Group is dedicated to Supply Chain Finance within the world of asset management and private banking.ย 

Since 2016 CB Group has developed three pillars based on direct client experiences:ย 

1st Pillar: Corporate Services

2nd Pillar: Digital

3rd Pillar: Market Intelligence

About CB Group's 1st Pillar: Corporate

Corporate Services
Corporate Services

CB Group Services is a regulated fiduciary company in Luxembourg and a bond issuance platform in order to fully commit with its clients: UHWNI; Funds, Listed Companies.

About CB Group's 2nd Pillar: Digital Services

Neobank Services
Neobank Services

CB Group's clients want to work smarter and mitigate risks that affects productivity, revenues, company efficiency, and finances in many ways.ย 

CB Group has a dedicated development team to answer these challenges.

About CB Group's 3rd Pillar: Market Intelligence

New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum
New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum

CB Group has 2 Market Intelligence "Do Tanks", each one under its own brand:ย 

(i) Kensington & Sharp (hospitality) andย 

(ii) New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum (real estate private debt).ย 

Our Market Intelligence agenda is aligned with topic's NEW and NEXT priorities.

Interested in our next event? You can attend the live event onsite in Luxembourg or through our partner Coherra.