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New Paradigm Wealth Management
New Paradigm Wealth Management

New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum is a meeting point for frank exchange of views and ¨boots on the ground¨ market insights and analysis between selected independent wealth management professionals throughout Europe. 

This information is distributed via the original content creation of the CB Group, as well as quarterly Forum conferences held in various European investment centers and ¨bestpoke¨ qualified introductions among our members and participantes of the Forum. 

A central focus of the Forum is the empirically demonstrable fact that investment in lending secured by real estate, rather than than corporate balances, provides attractive, consistent, non-correlated returns superior to any other ¨fixed income¨ alternative. 

The Forum provides ¨primary source" intelligence and analysis that enables the CB Group to effectively navigate the European real estate secured lending ecosystem (including specialized funds, real estate lending platforms, loan originators and investors) to the benefit of our members and their wealth management clients. A select group of leading independent wealth managers throughout Europe are invited to become members of the Forum each year.

About CB Group's 3rd Pillar: Market Intelligence

New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum
New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum

CB Group has 2 Market Intelligence "Do Tanks", each one under its own brand: 

(i) Kensington & Sharp (hospitality) and 

(ii) New Paradigm Wealth Management Forum (real estate private debt). 

Our Market Intelligence agenda is aligned with topic's NEW and NEXT priorities.

Interested in our next event? You can attend the live event onsite in Luxembourg or through our partner Coherra.