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Fiduciary & Corporate Office
Fiduciary & Corporate Office
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We offer an extensive range of corporate services from the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

We provide global solutions and specialist support in order for your business to function as efficiently as possible

Our services

  • Company Incorporation - we manage the implementation of international corporate structures
  • Corporate Secretarial - we provide legal entities with a registered address
  • Consolidation - we identify potential GAAP differences between local GAAP and consolidation GAAP
  • Management - we prepare local regulatory returns (payroll, statistical, tax)
  • Tax Compliance - we organise the preparation of corporate tax returns and tax balances
  • Accounting - we maintain company accounts and records
  • Liquidation - we provide tailor-made solutions depending on your specific priorities
  • Payroll and HR Administration - we handle the administration of filing necessary returns for social security, tax and other employment matters
  • Individuals - we prepare the annual tax return for resident and border residents