1. Introduction

By the end of 2019, over 1 million passengers will have boarded a business aircraft in Europe, and many factors will have driven this demand. The business aviation activity footprint is clearly leisure-driven, with peaks in connections to and from holiday resorts.

2. European private jets overview

The lockdown measures have been reflected in flight activity in 2020, however the private jet markets have benefited from this context with the need for retreat from UHWNI (i) with visa-free global travel capacities, of which (ii) part of them were used to fly first- or business-class on traditional airlines and are now switching to lower their risk of contracting COVID-19.

3. August’s trends in Europe

According to the WINGX - Global Market Tracker for the business aviation industry- August’s trends in Europe are the following: 

The very light jet recovery

  1. The charter market has seen a strong recovery in Europe, with growth slanted towards lighter aircraft, all segments from Super Light Jet to Very Light Jet seeing more activity on the Year-on-year traffic .
  2. The market is up almost 20% in terms of hours flown, and is strongest in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.
  3. Departures from: Le Bourget, Olbia and Nice are up 20%; Biggin Hill, Majorca, Figari and Zurich, activity is up by over 40%

4. Perspectives 

While the response to COVID-19 has shut down many Commercial aviation activities, private aviation has found itself busier than the industry, as part of an alternative travel for UHWNI.

Today, each industry’s economic literature describes its own economic repercussions of the pandemic as a problem that macroeconomics can solve or alleviate (supply vs demand).

KS’ market of Hospitality for UHWNI shifts the different industries around the client to the very nature of Family Office. Through this approach, we understand the sub-industries, bundled together at the individual level (one client) could potentially unveil development avenues that fly under the radar if we focus the analysis on market trends at the macro level.

We hope the ideas in this article stimulate brainstorming and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.